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September 19, 2012
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Amity by pahein Amity by pahein
Quick Update for my watchers: This is gonna be the last art of me for a while, until I'm settled into college. Moving in tomorrow, class starts on Monday... eep. /news

Among the many projects I took on this summer to ascertain I will be the geekiest girl on campus was a new cellphone case, the second I got my replacement phone in.

Her name is "Amity," which is also her theme: Friendship! So of course, the Mane Six! I'm also planning on a TWEWY case or two, whenever I get the time to do it.

Clay, painted with acrylic, sealer, crazyglued to a blue case I bought at my local mall.

I have never painted this small before, and I doubt I ever want to again. I could fit about half of their eyes on my pinky nail. Not that I'd want to, but hey, those could be creepy nails. Anyway, most of these were painted with an old, bent, needlefelt needle and icky gooey old acrylic. I'm not sure if you've ever painted with a needle. It's tough. Especially with acrylic that's probably 1/3 of your age.

Originally, I'd planned to have a white case, and I'd gotten one over the internet, but... that case reacted so horribly to the sealer I have, I had to scrap it. So I bought this blue one at the store for about 7x the price of Ebay, but from the same company, basically because that was today and I couldn't wait for shipping. Because today I leave for college and this week has been so stressful in so many ways it is very very unfun yup.

But anyway, I kept the sealer away from this one since I'd already sealed the ponies, and now it is what it is.

Not perfect by a long shot, but it does the job. :heart:
This is very impressive, I would suck if I made something like this. But there ARE some tweaks you can make. The clay looks kinda rough, maybe smoothen it a bit. The paint could use a bit tweaking too. Some of their mouths looks a bit out of place, no offense of course. I absolutely love Pinkie Pie! Spike's tummy could be a bit small too. AppleJack, Rarity and Fluttershy's necks could be a bit thinner too. Twilight's snout has a a small black blotch, or maaybe that's a bug, I don't know. Either than these, this is very nice. I encourage you to do more.
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Thats an AWESOME case!!! I wish I had one!!! :D
amandaam Sep 21, 2012  Student Digital Artist
thats cool
davy-downpour Sep 19, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Sees this
Thinks oh just from one of my mlp groups
Sees its from Oregon artist
Oh he'll yes more oregonian bronies!!
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