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December 28, 2013
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So, actually, I made this around the beginning of the school year. I wanted to upload it right away, but dA has a funny thing about film submissions, so I had to wait for that to come through before I could post it. 

Of the three things I made in the class, this first one is by far the best and my personal favorite. The others... well, one of them I enjoyed doing, but had a bunch of technical trouble with; the other was ill-conceived and wasn't a very good experiment. 

This one is... Well, you know. Cute little ghostie kid. Plus figuring out how to animate was pretty fun. I really like breathing life into something... but of course this is one of the easiest things to animate ever because I wasn't being too precise with it. I had three weeks, so I didn't want to kill myself. I enjoyed it quite a bit, so maybe I should look into what being an animator takes. I do want to take the advanced animation class my university offers, at least. 

The character here, actually, has been with me through a couple of projects now. The first one was supposed to be a video game, but that-- god. So many compatibility issues, I wasn't even able to work on the game: I spent all my time working on getting the fudging programming language to work on my computer... But he was conceived there: I hadn't yet played Journey, but I really loved the ethereal look that the character design had. I wanted a bit of that, but simplistic, since I'd have to animate it by hand and school projects have tight deadlines. Paring it down, I figured out that I really just adored the top half of a Journey character's silhouette. The armlessness. Something about that was so sleek, so very human but not... and it was appropriately symbolic: many ghosts cannot traditionally affect the physical world, and hands are a symbol of what we can affect upon the world. Or so it seems in my head. I'm a crafter, literally everything I do comes from my hands. They are my instruments with which I affect the world. that's a little ableist now that I'm thinking about it, but I hope the symbolism is still parseable there. what I mean is hands are part of what allowed humankind to be such a tool-using species and the use of hands allows us to do a lotta stuff.

So, I took the pictures for the background at the graveyard on my university's grounds. It's... a really gorgeous place. One of the only places on campus where you're very likely to hear birds that aren't crows, actually. Basil helped me pick out this grave with all the ivy in it-- which was just jaw-droppingly gorgeous, I might add-- and the whole time we were out there I was pointing out all the different birds I saw. There were scrub jays and robins and chickadees (brown-capped) and Oregon juncos (by far the best junco, their little hoods are so great). I went back to the grave later and apparently it's a family grave for the Hoffman family, but I don't think there were any people buried there. Or maybe there were, but there weren't any headstones inside the raised bit. I don't even remotely pretend to know how people do graves now, let alone how they did them whenever that cemetery was established. If, uh, the Hoffman family who owns the grave at the Eugene Pioneer Cemetery would like me to take this down, I will happily comply. I think technically under law the photos are fair game but I'd like to be respectful and such. 

The sounds are... what I couldn't find free/creative commons, I voiced. Because I was running up against the line and I didn't have time to properly get bells and stuff and record them. Also I don't own bells. Or recording equipment. Except for my computer's mic, which is... not the best quality. aheh. 

So anyway. Yeah. If you've read all that, cool beans, thank you! I hope the film is enjoyable enough to make up for my text walls. If you'd like to critique, I'd love an in-depth one; it was already critiqued by my class and the main points I got from that was that I should work on transitions and sound. Both are valid. 

Errrr, so yeah! Hope you enjoy. 

spvceman Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Very unique and existential. Absolutely loved it. If I were to criticize it a bit, sorry, the transitions could have been smoother. But the meaning and overall message was perfect.
TheLonelyQueen Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh!  I adored this a lot!  I love how you completed it and what you did and just...  This is amazing *u* <3 

Because... Why not? >u> <333
SmashBros2008 Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
That was. rather interesting I say...:iconisayplz:XD
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