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August 30, 2010
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Kyoki by pahein Kyoki by pahein
I love this guy to pieces. His name is Nox, and his species is the title of the deviation (or if you're too lazy to look, Kyoki).

I would be more than happy to make another Kyoki as a commission (so long as I'm using regular wool roving).

Anyways, he's a mite bigger than my other pieces. And it was so horribly trying on me to finish him... if you want to listen to why, read the next paragraph.

So I went to my local needlefelting store and bought more roving because I think I can really get into the create-a-critter deal, right? And I stumble upon the most gorgeous collection of plant-dyed natural colored roving I've ever seen. Very hippy. Only five bucks-- I pick up two packages. I waited to use the wool, figuring I'd use it on something that would really make it shine. When I started to make a wire armature for Nox, I just knew this color would be perfect for him. A subtle, unsaturated purple: what better color to reflect the moody Night? So I sat down and started felting. Now felting, it's a pretty hands-on process. After I'd gotten the neck and the first front leg on, I began to realize my fingers were getting a little grubby. I lifted my hands to inspect, and the wool had dyed my fingertips black-purple.

That's it. I stuck it out and finished him, but I still get a little bit dyed when I handle him...

Since it's unlikely I'll upload anything else unless I get a commission, I may as well put the species info here.

- Live in small family groups
- Intelligent, about on par with a five or six year old human
- Cannot vocalize, but instead rely on a complex system of body language signals somewhat akin to a simple sign language
- Mostly nocturnal predators, but populations in tropical regions are more likely to be found hunting during the afternoon (believed to be a result of atypical prey habits in the same regions)
- Always have the faceplate-- a strong keratin growth, much like a fingernail expect that it is permanent. Kyoki with broken or missing faceplates are openly ostracized, and even a kyoki missing its faceplate prefers to be a loner than be with another faceplate-missing kyoki. There are a few exceptions to this; especially around breeding season.
- Generally, their medium-length (and often monochromatic) fur coat is thick and darkly colored. Color is hereditary, and often family packs will be of closely related colors because of this. In different environments, lighter colors can be achieved. In some captive individuals, splotchy paint-like patterns have emerged. Keepers have found friendly individuals are more prone to these appaloosa-like patterns.
- White or cream individuals, interestingly enough, are the only kyoki that are able to have darkly-colored faceplates. A kyoki with a light coat is 20% likely to have a dark mask.

Uhhm, anything else?

Oh! Kyoki and Nox are both <c> me, adopt524. Just making sure.


This creation was made with a type of crafting called needle felting. Basically what happens is I take a bunch of loose (i.e. roving) wool and jab it with a needle (many, many times). The wool bonds to itself, slowly getting firmer and firmer. Eventually, it's firm enough to stand by itself in a sculpture-like way. By adding more roving wool, I can sculpt a creature or a person or whatever out of the wool.

Needlefelting is a relatively new craft, having only been invented 30 years or so ago. It's similar to the process of wet felting, but instead of using water, needles are used.

My needlefelt creations almost always include a wire base, so they are extremely posable, and I find the freedom of sculpting and the resulting plushness to be everything I could have asked for in a medium.

I happily take commissions, and my prices range from 10 to 100 USD, depending on the size and complexity.

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chinchilla3232 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i luv luv luv it! thts more luvs than ive ever written before on one comment!
Terra1314 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012
Would u like to buy yarn i have im selling it cheap and i got it and its brand new. My friend gave it to me and she said someone bought it and donated to her cause she works at the library and she jst gave it to me. I make scarfs from fingernitting but i can't use it cause it has some wool and i dont use or have anything made of or from animals. Would u like to but it ill tell u want its made of and send u a pic of it. Im sellin it really cheap and no hasel.
pahein Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Student General Artist
I'm sorry, but I don't even use yarn. For any of my projects. ^^;
kelpiest Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012
I want oneee *-* With the same inches and moving. Is there a problem if I'm from Mexico? o:
pahein Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Student General Artist
It looks like there shouldn't be a problem, except for maybe a bit more expensive shipping, and if you're up for that, then we're all good. :meow:
thai-binturong Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
My, i just love him! He reminds me of a slender binturong a bit)), that must be because of his tail. Is it - the tail - er, tenacious? Do they climb trees, actually?)
pahein Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Student General Artist
Thank you, first and foremost. :aww:

As for the tail-- actually, no; I envisioned it more as a counterbalance when they ran. They take more of a cheetah approach to running, so... mmm.... I suppose they should technically be a tad shorter for that purpose, but I don't care. They look cool. :XD:
thai-binturong Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
They shurely do! :dance:
Undeadgrrl Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011  Student Artisan Crafter
How much would a skeleton patterned Kyoki go for?
pahein Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011  Student General Artist
Urrrrgh, depends on degree of realism. For anatomically-correct-so-far-as-I-can-get-it-on-the-surface, $60. For simplified, $30. And of course there's some wiggle room inbetween.
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